Recognising and guarding against unconscious bias

By Joe Busuttil Many businesses today recognise that building an open and inclusive workplace that embraces the rich diversity of Australia is more than just a good look: it’s also good business.  Simply put, diverse workplaces that better represent the rich diversity of Australian life are more innovative, adaptable, innovative team with a better understanding …

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Understanding work Burnout

By Joe Busuttil Burnout is a syndrome which occurs due to prolonged emotional strain of dealing extensively with other human beings, particularly in helper and recipient relationships. Burnout is categorised as a type of stress.  Unlike normal workplace stress which predominately affects individuals physically, burnout affects individuals emotionally.  The term burnout was introduced in the …

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Creating a Strong EI Workplace Culture

Neuroscience shows that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a flexible set of skills that can be acquired and improved with practice. In doing so, organisational leaders can increase the likelihood of success within their team; increasing trust, respect, understanding, ownership and essentially productivity. Leaders with strong EI are emotionally self-aware, understand and maintain self -regulation, clearly …

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