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how we can help you.

How Can We Help?

As the number of coronavirus cases rise across Australia, the level of anxiety within the community is increasing.

Individuals may have a lot of concerns around the changing working environment, their finances, their ability to take part in important community and social events. Individuals may also worry about their own health and the health of their loved ones, here and abroad.Further, individuals who already experience anxiety may find their anxiety worsening.

Connect Psych is now offering 30 minute Wellness Check-ins to support employees with rational ways of coping during this unprecedented time.


ways to communicate.

Live chat.




connect with us in 3 easy steps.

1. Assessment.

A questionnaire is filled out through our confidential platform to identify the individual needs

2. Identify the right fit.

We provide individuals with three choices of the most aligned therapists using the Connect Psych algorithm

3. Ignite support.

Start e-contact with the chosen therapist on our confidential platform using live voice, video or chat.


providing you the flexibility and choice you deserve.

what is the process?

Connect Psych make the process clear and simple. Check out our video advertisement that displays a clear process of commencement.

Video: Connect Psych Services Explainer


finding the right therapist

You will have the autonomy of choosing the therapist that best suits your needs and personality; resulting in better therapy retainment and outcomes.



We know that life events and challenges do not always rear their head solely between the hours of 9-5. Our therapists can be available 24/7 allowing the flexibility and support when needed.


but my issues aren't work-related

We live in a completely interconnected world where personal and professional is now blurred. Connect Psych works with all types of issues as we feel that they affect the whole person, both professionally and personally.

I don’t have time and can be reluctant to talk to someone face to face

E-counselling makes is flexible and works around your schedule. It has been proven to be effective with those who feel embarrassed about opening up with others face to face.


You can find a link on your intranet where you'll be taken to an external platform to connect with your chosen therapist. Names and contact details will not be required - we use a unique code to enter into a confidential platform with military-grade security.



employee priority has never been easier.​

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