We partner with like-minded, forward-thinking organisations to provide a holistic solution to mental wellness.

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CVGT Employment believes in delivering inclusive employment solutions. Every person deserves the opportunity to thrive.

CVGT has proud history of providing inclusive employment solutions to individuals and businesses across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Their purpose is to connect more people to meaningful work. They do this through listening, talking and understanding people’s needs.

The CVGT team has extensive employment services experience, ensuring people looking for work are job ready and matched to employers who are committed to supporting them achieve their employment goals.

Empowering you to navigate high-conflict communications so you can break free and move forward.

Grey Rock Consulting supports you with hands on guidance in navigating communications with controlling, narcissistic or high-conflict personalities in order to go no contact, to create boundaries or to communicate where you have to.


At New Way Lawyers we genuinely believe that people are more important than profit and it is for this reason that in 2009 we were founded as Australia’s first non profit law firm.

We practice exclusively in family law and estate law. By practicing exclusively in these areas, we are able to provide first class yet accessible legal services every step of the way.

As the only company in Australia that specialises in both on-site Wellness Centres and integrated employee wellbeing programs – we deliver an end-to-end, well-rounded and suite of exciting wellness programs for organisations across industry.

We love nothing more than seeing organisations take the lead with employee wellbeing and reap the rewards of a healthier, happier and engaged workforce.

About Suzi…

Hi, I’m Suzi – a qualified functional nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional Medicine), personal trainer, pilates instructor and health retreat facilitator for Fit Food Relax Retreat.

I was trained to look beyond the symptoms you might be experiencing, to get to the root cause of your health concerns. Once identified, I will work with you to try and correct the underlying problem, rather than masking it with a band-aid solution. I use evidence-based knowledge and naturopathic philosophies for a holistic approach to health and wellness. This includes the latest research in food as medicine, nutritional supplements and mindfulness-based techniques.

Whilst I treat a range of health concerns and disorders, I have a particular interest in gut health, skin conditions, hormonal and reproductive health, including preconception, fertility, and menopause as well as weight loss. I am a compassionate and nurturing practitioner and trainer, who is dedicated to having you feeling, looking, moving and, thinking better.

How we can help your business

At Connect Psych we believe in providing employees with the support they need to be their best selves. As a result, organisations get a sense of the true value of mentally healthy workplaces. 

Untreated mental health conditions result in over 6 million lost working days and 12 million days of reduced productivity every year in Australia.

Providing accessible, flexible and autonomous support through Connect Psych can assist employees experiencing a range of mental health and life challenges; resulting in clear benefits to the organisation’s productivity and reduction in absenteeism. 

During therapy, your employees will have the continuity of a registered therapist with their choice of communication and customer support is available to answer their general questions about how Connect Psych operates.

4 easy steps for your employees

1. Intake

Employees complete a short confidential assessment online to identify their current area of need

2. Matching

Connecting employees with a choice of 3 most suitable therapists allowing for optimal alignment

3. Therapy

Accessibility to a registered therapist through a chosen channel of communication

4. Analytics

Anonymised business analytics provide organisations with ROI evidence of service quality and efficacy

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list."

Michelle Obama

Workplace wellbeing has never been easier