The Importance of a ‘self check-in.’

 By Connect Psych Services



As we have officially ticked over into the Winter months and many of us to get ready to add a few more pieces of clothing, we can also feel the symptoms of ‘seasonal changes’ in our mental health. Due to changes in serotonin, and melatonin levels in our body along with a change in our circadian rhythm, some of us might  –

  • Feel listless, sad, or down most of the day, nearly every day
  • Lose interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Have low energy and feel sluggish
  • Have problems with sleeping too much
  • Experience carbohydrate cravings, overeating, and weight gain
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Feel hopeless, worthless, or guilty

Staying attuned to your emotions can help boost resilience, lower anxiety, and point you toward activities that bring joy. This June, take the time to really check in on how you are feeling to prevent these feelings from creeping in. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself every day.

1. How Am I Feeling Today?

This one sounds obvious, but how often do you ask yourself how you are feeling — and then pause to genuinely consider your response? Checking in on your mental health starts with assessing how you are feeling. Do you notice feeling stress, anxiety, worry, sadness, or other challenging emotions?

Take the time to be, not do, observe without judgement.

2. What’s Been Worrying Me Lately?

Next, take a moment to think specifically about what’s been weighing on you recently. Is it work, family, friends, money, or COVID-19? Maybe it’s one, two, or even nine different things that are worrying you. Whatever it is, it’s important to notice how these potential triggers make you feel — and to do your best to address them.

3. Am I Providing My Body With Its Basic Needs?

Sometimes, we get so busy that we forget to focus on the basics — food, exercise, and sleep. These are simple but critical ways to ensure you’re staying healthy both mentally and physically.

Your body is your temple.

4. What Am I Doing to Bring Myself Joy?

With everything on your to-do list, it can be easy to push leisure activities down to the bottom. But taking time to be happy is so important to your mental health. Ask yourself what you’re doing to bring yourself joy. If you can’t think of anything, perhaps take the time to reflect on what has brought you joy in the past, even as a child.

5. Who Do I Have In My Corner?

Having a strong support system is essential to your mental health. Ask yourself who you consider trustworthy and loving that you can turn to when you need it most.

Surround yourself with those that Buoy you up.

6. Is it time to ‘check in’ with my Connect Psych Practitioner?

Remember, we are always here; anytime, anywhere. We value conversations, validation, normalisation and want to find ways to optimise good mental health in both work and life.


Love the team at Connect Psych Services x

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