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Our Building and Construction workers are going through even more uncertainty lately.

They’ve experienced higher rates of suicide and mental health issues than the rest of the population over the past decade, according to the Blueprint for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Report 2018-2022, developed by the Australian Building and Construction Industry and Beyond Blue.

It’s often difficult for workers located on-site and working long hours to take time off work to see someone for mental health support. For some, it may even feel like a “weakness” to seek help. 

Add to that the increased chance of experiencing or witnessing a critical incident and the associated trauma; it’s important to provide EAP support that you can be certain is accredited, experienced and specialised.

Connect Psych is the perfect partner to support you and your staff. 

When managing mental health risks onsite, it can be useful to think about mental health in the same way as how other hazards are managed onsite; identify the hazard, assess the risk, then control the risk using the hierarchy of controls, and monitor and review the control for effectiveness.

Mental Health in the Building and Construction Industry, Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner, 2021

How Connect Psych can help

By generalising problems into digestible, anonymised data you can address the issues for a stronger more productive workplace that leads to better results.

Our EAP system not only uncovers the problems employees face, by offering safe and secure access to the help they need, but we report on it in a way that is private so as an employer, you can take positive steps without identifying any individuals.

  • Employer access to real-time anonymised data and reports to help understand your workforce and their environment
  • Private and secure access to our system portal for employees to manage and receive help for their mental health needs
  • Private and secure risk-free system to help organisations manage the cost of their EAP services without compromising employee health
  • Employee access to fully qualified psychologists and EAP counselling services anytime, from anywhere
  • Employee access to up-to-date educational and support material
  • Unmatched proprietary EAP system software
  • We also offer critical incident response, wellness programs, leadership and team coaching, plus ancillary counselling by experts in financial planning, nutrition, family law and job placement through Connect Plus.

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