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Health workers are facing unprecedented circumstances and pressure. This takes a toll on mental health.

Long and irregular hours, heavy workloads and being on the front line in the fight against COVID undoubtedly increases stress and causes mental health issues, including burnout for our health workers.

With a shortage of skilled healthcare practitioners, including in the allied health and support spaces, employers need to ensure they have the right EAP partner who takes the mental health of their staff seriously.

That’s why Connect Psych is your perfect EAP partner.

We aren’t a benefits and rewards company. We don’t outsource mental health counselling to contractors. We are Australian owned and run solely by our team of registered and experienced mental health practitioners. 

The pandemic has exacerbated anxiety in our healthcare workers, but even prior, research has shown that while approximately 14% of all Australians experience depression in their lifetime, 18% of Australian medical students and 21% of Australian doctors have been diagnosed with depression.

Depression in Health Care Workers during COVID-19 – Black Dog Institute

How Connect Psych can help

By generalising problems into digestible, anonymised data you can address the issues for a stronger more productive workplace that leads to better results.

Our EAP system not only uncovers the problems employees face, by offering safe and secure access to the help they need, but we report on it in a way that is private so as an employer, you can take positive steps without identifying any individuals.

  • Employer access to real-time anonymised data and reports to help understand your workforce and their environment
  • Private and secure access to our system portal for employees to manage and receive help for their mental health needs
  • Private and secure risk-free system to help organisations manage the cost of their EAP services without compromising employee health
  • Employee access to fully qualified psychologists and EAP counselling services anytime, from anywhere
  • Employee access to up-to-date educational and support material
  • Unmatched proprietary EAP system software
  • We also offer critical incident response, wellness programs, leadership and team coaching, plus ancillary counselling by experts in financial planning, nutrition, family law and job placement through Connect Plus.

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