Support your employees’ wellbeing

Give your workers complete, private and secure access to our workplace wellbeing portal to seek support from our registered Psychologists and Counsellors via live chat, voice call, or video call.

As one of the leading EAP providers to Australian businesses, we know what affects your employees at home and work directly affects their output and productivity in your business.

Employers will quickly discover the mental state of their workforce through our employee assistance program and access to anonymised data.


Combining Human and digital support

Get the best from your employees


Employees show greater collaboration, performance and productivity in the work place when their mental health and wellbeing is supported.

Our EAP wellbeing support programs also include educational self-help resources workers can access privately and anonymously, anytime.

Employers receive reporting  presented into generalised and anonymised data to give insights into their business workforce utilising real-time analysis to identify trends and offer proactive solutions.

Your partner in increasing employee performance and workplace productivity

As a prominent mental health provider in Australia, we focus on e-counselling services with an emphasis on keeping up with mental health trends and eSafety.

Our core approach lies in fostering genuine connections through the mental wellbeing journey, delivering evidence-based therapies, and promoting personalised self-coping strategies.

Ultimately, prioritising the happiness and health of employees is paramount to the success and vitality of your organisation.

Early detection through an Employee Assistance Program can reveal problems unbeknown to many employers that workers experience in every aspect of their lives  such as:



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Key program features

Our EAP system not only uncovers the problems employees face, by offering safe and secure access to the help they need, but we report on it in a way that is private so employers can take positive steps without identifying any individuals.

By generalising problems into digestible anonymised data businesses can address the issues for a stronger more productive workplace that leads to better results.

How does our EAP system work?

Get the best from and for your employees with an Employee Assistance Program.

Our EAP programs and online access is a unique and proprietary system that delivers results to some of Australia’s biggest and most well-known organisations. It can do the same for you.

Book a consultation and system demonstration today and learn how your business can benefit from our EAP programs. It’s obligation-free.

4 easy steps for your employees

1. Intake

Employees complete a short confidential assessment online to identify their current area of need

2. Matching

Connecting employees with a choice of minimum 3 most suitable therapists allowing for optimal alignment

3. Therapy

Accessibility to a registered therapist through a chosen channel of communication

4. Analytics

Anonymised business analytics provide organisations with ROI evidence of service quality and efficacy

Your investment towards employee wellbeing​

Connect Psych Services addresses mental health challenges across teams of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients in a predictable and transparent method of engagement. While enterprise solutions are often expensive and intricate, and traditional low-cost options often lack effectiveness, we offer an affordable yet proactive solution through four distinct models.

For small/medium businesses to NAVIGATE psychosocial standardsHelp your medium or large business THRIVE with high quality EAP care and manager reportingA BALANCE of employee care insight for medium businessesEAP services available for employees only when required
Appointment Availability48 Hours24-48 Hours48+ Hours48+ Hours
Manager Assist
(Manager specific pathway and resources)
(Perks & Partnerships)
Tailored Account ManagementX
Unused Hours ConvertedXX
RISE Insights
(Up to date reporting data)
Access to CPS Management
(Senior Practitioner Clinical Support)
Onboarding Fee included in packageX*
Minimum Hours Purchased
(Prices range in each tier)
10-20 Hours50 Hours30 HoursPay As You Go

*Additional Onboarding Fee


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