Outplacement & Careers Counselling

Connect Psych Services specialises in outplacement and counselling, providing comprehensive support in career coaching, transition, performance, training, and motivational speaking across various sectors. This customised approach ensures each person receives a program tailored to their unique career stage and circumstances.

Our outplacement services cater to employees facing redundancy or seeking career transition, offering personalised guidance and support at all levels, from entry to executive positions. Our expert consultants equip employees with professional coaching, current market insights, and effective strategies to excel in job applications and interviews, ensuring they present themselves adeptly to potential employers.

We Can Help You In:

Career Coaching and Counselling: Tailored guidance to help individuals assess their skills, interests, and goals, along with support in resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies.

Training and Development: Offerings may include workshops, seminars, or online resources focused on skill development, job market insights, and techniques for effective job hunting.

Personalised Support: Individualised assistance that addresses the unique needs and circumstances of each person, providing them with tools and strategies to succeed in their job search.

Networking and Job Search Assistance: Guidance on leveraging professional networks, accessing job opportunities, and navigating the job market effectively.

Psychological and Emotional Support: Providing emotional assistance and counselling to help individuals cope with the stress, uncertainty, and emotional impact of job loss or career transition.

Customised Programs: Tailoring support programs based on the duration, intensity, and specific needs of the individual or the company undergoing layoffs/restructuring.

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