APAC’s leading organisations are prioritising their people

We partner with like-minded, forward-thinking organisations to provide a holistic solution to mental wellbeing.

Our Reference Group Partners

Our Reference Group Partners are an instrumental part of our ongoing innovations and updates. Through valued feedback, collaboration, and partnership we are able to continuously take on real-time feedback and implement where possible to ensure that we evolve to what out clients want.

At Toll we move the businesses that move the world.


Swisse Wellness is a global Australian brand dedicated to making people healthier and happier through natural health products and education.


Services and programs to support families who have a child aged 0-13 with a disability or additional needs.


With more than 4500 staff and covering an area a quarter of the size of Victoria, Bendigo Health Care Group (commonly known as Bendigo Health) is an expanding regional health service offering the advantages of city life combined with the beauty and freedom that comes from living in a regional area.


At Defence Health, we look after our own. Since 1953, we’ve remained true to our purpose to protect the health of those who protect our country.


Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd is the largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. Our company is built on a reputation of quality, customer satisfaction and innovation and is a great success story of Australian Manufacturing.


Our Strategic Partners

We love what we do and we believe we are fantastic at doing it. We don’t believe in being the Jack of all Trades and Master of None. Our collaborative and curious mindset has allowed for sustained relationships with symbiotic organisations to creating end-to-end solutions for workplace wellbeing.

As the only company in Australia that specialises in both on-site Wellness Centres and integrated employee wellbeing programs – we deliver an end-to-end, well-rounded and suite of exciting wellness programs for organisations across industry.

We love nothing more than seeing organisations take the lead with employee wellbeing and reap the rewards of a healthier, happier and engaged workforce.



Represents and unites practice managers and the profession of Practice Management throughout the healthcare industry – Promotes professional development and the code of ethics through leadership and education – Provides specialised services and networks to support quality Practice Management.


Our mission is to enhance patient outcomes through technology by consolidating the fragmented health industry, simplifying patient experiences and improving accessibility, particularly in regional and remote areas.



We are an independent and confidential whistleblower hotline service for the receipt of disclosures (which can be anonymous) relating to corruption, criminal activity, misconduct or improper behaviour in the workplace.


Readiness is a complete mental health and wellbeing platform for businesses and schools. Our platform proactively supports the identification of the mental health and wellbeing issues in employees or students through quick, regular self-assessments and provides personalised education and referrals for those in need.


Our Research and Learning Partners

At Connect Psych Services we believe it is integral that we play a part in the development of future resources.  We believe in becoming a “learning incubator”, fostering an environment designed to grow and support educational or learning initiatives. This includes:

  • Educational programs designed to accelerate learning and skill development.
  • Spaces or organisations that facilitate collaborative and innovative learning experiences.
  • Initiatives or platforms that provide resources and mentorship to help individuals or groups advance their learning goals.

We collaborate with students from Swinburne University, offer internships, and mentor Psychology students through Monash University.  We are also currently working with The University of the Sunshine Coast Australia – Thompson Institute.

If you are interested in more information on internships or learning and collaboration opportunities, contact us for more details.

Our Perks Partners

As we continue to evolve at Connect Psych Services we are continuing to grow our Partners to offer our clients perks to some great companies and resources.

Better Being are the leading educators in health and fitness for professionals across a range of industries and diverse work environments. We have spent over 15 years using evidence-based practices to create bespoke programs that combine our four pillars of wellbeing – Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery – to provide tangible benefits and help people live a healthier, happier work, life. Each program is tailored to your organisations needs and can include a suite of bespoke educational resources from webinars to toolbox talks, newsletters to private coaching.


Life Sherpa is a one stop online shop for financial advice and support. Life Sherpa® was created for a better way for all Australians to get the benefits of smarter financial advice and resources, in a way that’s easy, convenient and affordable.


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