Unhelpful Thinking Styles and How to Combat Them. New research shows our brain generates over 6000 thousand thoughts each day. When a person experiences an unhelpful emotion (e.g. depression, anxiety and even general feelings of overwhelm), it is usually preceded by a number of unhelpful self-statements and thoughts. Often there is a pattern to such thoughts … Read more

Diversity in the workplace

ByJoe Busuttil I like working in a diverse workplace. The life experiences and opinions of other people allows me to see the world in new and interesting ways and that makes me a better person. I have never met someone, learned about them, and then wished I hadn’t met them. Sometimes I’ll disagree with them … Read more

Creating a Strong EI Workplace Culture

Neuroscience shows that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a flexible set of skills that can be acquired and improved with practice. In doing so, organisational leaders can increase the likelihood of success within their team; increasing trust, respect, understanding, ownership and essentially productivity. Leaders with strong EI are emotionally self-aware, understand and maintain self -regulation, clearly … Read more

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